Same Old Stories?: A Feminist Critique of Juvenile Biographies


  • Vicki S. Hallett University of Winnipeg


Books Reviewed: Ball, Heather. Remarkable Women Writers. Women’s Hall of Fame. Toronto: Second Story, 2006. 120 pp. $7.95 pb. ISBN 1-897187-08-4. Bedard, Michael. William Blake: The Gates of Paradise. Toronto: Tundra, 2006. 192 pp. $28.99 hc. ISBN 0-88776-763-X. Braun, Sandra. Incredible Women Inventors. Women’s Hall of Fame. Toronto: Second Story, 2006. 120 pp. $10.95 pb. ISBN 1-897187-15-7. Dublin, Anne. June Callwood: A Life of Action. Toronto: Second Story, 2006. 140 pp. $14.95 pb. ISBN 1-897187-14-9. Goh, Chan Hon, and Cary Fagan. Beyond the Dance: A Ballerina’s Life. Toronto: Tundra, 2002. 152 pp. $24.99 hc. ISBN 0-88776-596-3. Goodall, Lian. Singing Toward the Future: The Story of Portia White. Toronto: Napoleon, 2004. 65 pp. $18.95 hc. ISBN 1-894917-08-1. Gorrell, Gena K. Heart and Soul: The Story of Florence Nightingale. Toronto: Tundra, 2005. 152 pp. $16.99 pb. ISBN 0-88776-703-6. Gueldenpfennig, Sonia. Spectacular Women in Space. Women’s Hall of Fame. Toronto: Second Story, 2004. 112 pp. $10.95 pb. ISBN 1-896764-88-6. Jacobson, Rick. Picasso: Soul on Fire. Illus. Laura Fernandez and Rick Jacobson. Toronto: Tundra, 2004. 32 pp. $22.99 hc. ISBN 0-88776-599-8. Rooney, Frances. Extraordinary Women Explorers. Women’s Hall of Fame. Toronto: Second Story, 2005. 120 pp. $10.95 pb. ISBN 1-896764-98-3. Trottier, Maxine. Terry Fox: A Story of Hope. Markham: Scholastic, 2005. 30 pp. $16.99 hc. ISBN 0-439-94888-6. Varmer, Hjordis. Hans Christian Andersen: His Fairy Tale Life. Illus Lilian Brogger. Toronto: Groundwood, 2005. 112 pp. $19.95 hc. ISBN 0-88899-690-X.






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